2 months sober!

Iv’e got well started now. 2 months sober this weekend!

There has been many changes for me during this short time.
I’m now used to find other things in the weekends to do. And I’m all okey with not drinking now. In the begging it was tough.

Things that have improved from the day i quitted party drinking:

  • My skin looks so much healthier!
  • More energy
  • Happier
  • More creative
  • So much more time to spend on other things
  • No longer feeling sick
  • Feeling so much more alive and awake
  • Relationship with friends is improved(more time to be with them and connect more deeply).
  • More confidence.

And much more.
Only for this short time so much have improved for me. So happy!

This is the longest i have been sober for 5 years. I had only made 1 month before i gave up. But this time I’m not giving up!

Stay turned for some more updates.


Why I stop drinking alcohol

I’m not an alcoholic. But when i first drank in the weekends i drank a lot and was getting wasted. I did not feel well about myself. But i did not think about alcohol as a problem, before i begun to understand and see how bad it was for me. I did many stupid things that I was not proud of when I was drinking.

In the first when i began to drink alcohol, it was all fun and had no consequences. Before it took more of.
I have been party drinking for 5 years now. And now I’m tired of this party life.

I was always feeling exhausted and tired. Coming to work at Mondays feeling like shit. Still nervous and had anxiety for what i did in the weekend. It had just become my habit to go out almost every weekend to meet up with friends and drink with them.

But now this is not what i want anymore. I don’t want hangovers and feeling bad the day after drinking. I feel I have wasted so much time to drinking.

I’ts been 24 days since i took my last drink and (nicotine). (For me alcohol and nicotine comes hand in hand).It haven’t been that long, but i’m getting there
It’s strange when the weekend comes and I don’t go out to drink. I feel it’s hard to change a habit I’ve had for a few years.

Hope you will follow my story and maybe you would be inspired to do the same. To get a healthier and happier lifestyle.

I would love to get some comments and advice. Maybe you have been or are in the same situation as me.